Lake Pearson / mosaic for frozen tuesday
stations (loop for paused morning)
a gap, invisible in the photograph (Lover's Leap)
field notes for love poems
quarry / landscape within habitation
genetic noise (source text missing)


in morning, reverberant
the shape of towns
the desert Homeric
Blenheim shards
thresholds at the edge of natural 


flickering birds
a centre, positioned. night and train.
curtailed phase (lapsed townscape)
Comme a la Radio / there is no original coast
the lake as read
a forest


verbs with their roots in the air
Quail Island / the sirens have been remaindered
Jeanne d'Arc / acousmatics of a beach, repeating
photosynthesis (fragment)
song of the vertical


stray (beneath the books of winter)
desert road with midnight radio
screen kiss #6 (1948)
Oyster Cove variations
statics & carriers
a transposing, an open


Le Tempestaire
sometimes a single kakapo will represent a hard day's work, (found poem without images for Richard Henry)
its position, more than its paths (which have themselves become memory)
scenic journeys
a lagoon, considered against its archival image
to the other patterns, as over (drawn)
scarce indications (overlay) 


photogénie / in excess of the given image
occurrences (for kim) 
----light discloses 
as cast (to conversation, as stone and spoken) 
2 landscapes, drawn as points along a linear interval 
the failure of listening in East Gippsland 


from the death of an introduced bird (minor refrain in a winter suburb)