'Oyster Cove variations'

"...Trying / to explain my visit to these ruins / the simple pretexts vanish like cinders...” 
–Jamie Grant 

“…Parting the milky haze / On mudflats, seabirds…”
–Gwen Harwood


birdswarm at
water, at

eye's reach, under-
stated flow-

ers : under-
foot, wet hill

contours: hill-
trudged bracken-

patterns in light
declining, & wild

blackberries editing
scribbles & holes

in the taste
of the present : past

the autumn
timing you

stored, traced,
as passed

for, all :
in, fallen, as

apples, as:
the date enacts

a stagger, a slipped
instant, mis-

on crumpled air :

as : gather-
ing in

the picture
of a hill, a smoke

cloud, a lake,
a flower : a roar

of unspecified
dots at the lowline: