'quarry / landscape within habitation'


the light
is feathered, falls
from above as what
has happened, as event
from a proximate
distance is

happening, is
presentness, this
falling into : a body
in time, in oxygen, in
light, as these cells, into
no hand, not held

from below : falls
inside arrival, inside
becoming : inside the shock
of warmth, the radial arrangement
of event & memory, veinlike,
behind my ear,

fanned against
the drifting
hair threads : that
inverted filmic, that
sounding, falling
as pigeons tumbling

diagonally from the cliff
travel on radial
sun-spoke : the light
of skies when snow
appears : a whiteness
falling from speech, appears


it is almost too
much to know. to re-
member these

-ful days as
diagram, as want

this drive
-ing in to

particularity, in
-to occurrence. where
you lived, un-

stated before
your body wore
my breath

as border &
-ly we

could go, & where
is there

, here
now we. are no
where, but what

we are become
-in immensity
of sky as shore-

line of sleepless
light, as
waxy, falt-

ering mid-
broadcast, witness
-ing, attentive

to this
(icarus?) as
any bird