poetry / publications.

'its position, more than its paths (which have themselves become memory)'
'to the other patterns, as over (drawn)'
in Reliquiae, digital edition, Corbel Stone Press, 2016

'photogénie / in excess of the given image' 
 in Percutio, issue 8, 2014

'scarce indications (overlay)' (from 'the architectures')
'description, a modernist' (from 'the architectures')
'4 EVP recordings (radio Yeats)'
in Truck May 2013, selection edited by Orchid Tierney

'quarry / landscape within habitation'
'to the other patterns, as over (drawn)'
'Quail Island / the sirens have been remaindered'
in Otoliths, issue 29, Southern Winter, May 2013

'curtailed phase (lapsed townscape)'
'genetic noise (source text missing)'
in Otoliths, issue 18, Southern Winter, November 2010

'the desert Homeric'
in Cordite, the Epic issue, 31.0, December 2009

'in morning, reverberant'
in Going Down Swinging, issue 28, 2009

field notes for love poems’ (excerpt)
'a gap, invisible in the photograph / Lover's Leap'
in Landfall, Autumn issue 214, November 2007

'Jeanne d'Arc / acousmatics of a beach, repeating'
'stations / loop for paused morning'
in Brief, issue 35, August 2007

flickering birds
in Percutio, issue 2, 2007

'Lake Pearson / mosaic for frozen tuesday'
in Catalyst, Volume 4, October 2005

'thresholds at the edge of natural'
'versions remaining visible'
'winter city with sun stutters'
'the shape of towns'
in Fugacity anthology, University of Canterbury Poetry symposium, April 2005

'In Momentary Islands'
'a forest'
'kiss, first winter'
'Blenheim shards'
in Masthead, issue 9, March 2005

'stray (beneath the books of winter)'
in Moria, volume 7 issue 2, fall 2004

'The Shape of Towns'
in Meanjin, volume 62 issue 1, 2003

'Names for Girls Without Mothers'  
in View of a Skipping Stone, Contemporary New Zealand Poetry
selection edited by David Howard for Ratapallax, 2003

'On the Tip of the Visible'
in Cordite, issue 10, April 2002

'a centre positioned. night and train'
'Screen Kiss #6 (1948)'
'Desert Observations with Midnight Radio'
in Aught, issue 8, 2002

'Winter, Threads of Light'
'White Car in McCahon Country'
'Cafe with Radio & Tree'
'Feather Collecting in Westland'
in Trout, issue 9, 2001

in Poetry NZ, issue 20, 2000

'Things Under Lights'
in Sport, Autumn issue 22, March, 1999

'Modern Icons at Sunset'
in Landfall, Spring issue 196, November, 1998

'Names for Girls Without Mothers'
in Sport, Spring issue 19, November, 1997

writings / cine-poetry.

water is meaningless without ships
sound/image-poem based on page-poem 'Le Tempestaire' (unpublished), video by Campbell Walker, sound by Sally Ann McIntyre (as Radio Cegeste)
-KIPL : Postmortemism #003 Westspace, Melbourne, 14 Feb 2013
-Dunedin Film Society Programme (screened before Pip Chodorov's film 'Free Radicals: a History of Experimental Film'), 28 August 2013

sound/image-poem based on page-poem 'stray (beneath the books of winter)' (first published in Moria, 2004), video by Kim Pieters, music by Jim Currin.
-NZFA / Enjoy Gallery Artist Film Festival (Wellington)
-Govett-Brewster Art Gallery (New Plymouth)
-Dunedin Public Art Gallery
-Adam Art Gallery (Wellington) 

acknowledged as detail, repeating in place
sound/image-poem based on page-poem 'a centre, positioned. night and train' (first published in Aught, 2002), video by Ina Johann, sound by Sally Ann McIntyre.
-Blue Oyster Gallery (Dunedin)
-The Physics Room Contemporary Art Space / Kiosk public art site (Christchurch), 22 Nov-19 Dec 2005
-NZFA Viewfinder public art site (Auckland)
-Canary Gallery Artist's Film Festival (Auckland)
-Crossings experimental music festival (Christchurch), 29 Sept 2005

writings / scripts.

Notes for a Coastline
original script for documentary / essay film directed by Zoë Roland, camera by Nigel Bunn, music by Ryan Smith.
-Navarra Documentary Film Festival (Spain)
-NZ International Film Festival, Homegrown Documentary programme (Auckland & Wellington)
-The Physics Room Contemporary Art Space (Christchurch)

The Forbidden Room
script for three-act devised physical theatre piece in collaboration with The Clinic.
-NZ Fringe Festival (Wellington)
-The Physics Room Contemporary Art Space (Christchurch)

writing awards / grants.

Arts Grant, Literature. Creative New Zealand, 2008.
The Macmillan Brown Prize for Writers, highly commended. University of Canterbury, 1996.