'thresholds at the edge of natural'

1. nouns stiffen
on the lunch menu: the tense of birds,

prior as narratives
scrolling in dust-grained filmic sky

stammers a loop
embedded in piped Mozart,

some pre-knowledge,
what the doorway splashes -

a kind of light - towards
the all but- tennis playing girl,

and buttery uncaught
by her white cotton arm, held

as the door of a motion
yet to be framed, to be lobbed

past the corridor’s
petrified garden: to be a day flowing

its archival sunlight
in the wood’s age:

in her youth: in the threads
of her instrument

where thin twitters are plucked
from gut-strings: and wind

drives an Aeolian loneliness
into the half-empty breakfast bar

2. fraying and gathering:
her soft brittle hair

adds its breathing script
of names and erasures

to the light: translucent
notes and encodings:

that the rigid house
will fall: or else bend and change

inside its carved garden
of edges and limits: a window’s

lip thickens with slow down-crawling
molecules and the amber

centuries of seeing congeal
around our coffee-buzzing

eyes as she steps through the dead
body-language of wood

in her lightness: into green
into garden: and light