'curtailed phase (lapsed townscape)'

churn of detail:
an incomplete
sequence: grass

releasing buttercups,
60s grids
slackening to visible

kitsch, the town's
strained name
breaking greys

against turquoises,
khakis; a red
jacket drifting,

inhabited or abandoned
on a verge; scattered
concretes flower to glass-

sharded images
sloping against stained
air; tourists'

eyes fire
vanishing points of no

stay, at the repetitive
edges of
what: shops

stopped wasplike
in amber-
glassed sunsets, veiled

glances stuttering the dust
of a flipbook
of tarmac, wooden

expanses slatted
with light, chipping
to sun's underlying

diagonals; celluloid
strata of a place-
name's fades