'2 landscapes, drawn as points along a linear interval'

what exterior to the moment
can be established, against

waves restless forms’
slide & arc

scripts in the bay’s
foreground: as double

shot espresso floods attention, as
the window-polarised hill

seems to tighten: to describe
a bladed edge

unsuitable for walking (let alone
in this heat), that ridge

of immediate experience, sharp
smiled as some terrain still within readable

detail, skin’s
paper-thin layers, days

mostly illegible or fixed too
close to see a picture. the light

, glassily invisible, does not burn away
this image, as it strikes

the blinding crystal of the land, as the fires’
rage burns out

of eyeshot, sky layered with haze,
films in milk-hot wind.

inside the museum, the cool of leaden
shadows are a cleaner

rain, a silence, dropping heavy
leaves, as your hands’ fine-boned   
hold let fall cigarette
ash, gesture wordless as

a weightless note sustained
before lowering to near-

inaudible when leaving, as the raven’s
guttural dawn caw trembling, itself

strung in the throat
as a way of placing, one

more bead along the abacus
of breathing.