'-----light discloses'

a window, opens
a morning’s watching
leafing beneath
a scratched
patina of sleep-
smiled sentience, warm-
dawned in the
temperate rooms
of the already-
viewed, the repeatedly
eyed, drawn

to graph, by hand
such alacrities
of thisness in
the picture, faded
as the day’s
gentleness, so gently
as not to waken,
slumbering, the thrown &
spoken, all forewarned
and tense passed, yet
your shoulders
unhinge while sleeping, still
& settled, within all

the ridiculous
innocence it takes
to inhabit a face, it takes
this much - to reset
the dawn arriving
sky after sky
as these repeats,
as this always-pouring
forwardness into light
& time, is what we drink
in, be-

tween our habits forming, our
stony sustains, gapped
with mis-readings, be-
draggled yet quilled,
dipped in base-whites
of blindness, the back-
pinning of galaxies,
of bruised
wine and spinning
wheeled, and all
i clutched as air

as smiled suspensions,
as gold-threaded want
as onward rolling
vertigos of un-
grounded swell, as
currents soared
and roaring
as hungers,

over-eyed as glancing
aside, up
side your eye
soaked with sky-
light and facing
a music cracked
open to air-
as vision breaks
its wave, toward us
toward all that doing

poured and roaring
out the harbour, out-----