'as cast (to conversation, as stone and spoken)'

as cigarettes in quiet
hands, the image-kernel
centred by breath-
flared sentience,
& punctuated by new
burning now,

as gaps fanned,
as breath-
less light, shined
friction in
all that listens,
in such gestural
dilates, the amber
quiet in your inward-
holding eye

as we are fallen
into rooms, whiskey-
swum as gestures
unworn before and then
as recognized

as what is said, held minute-
mirrored under lines un-
breathed, un- 
worn, un-signed
as sighted and then

as bridges, as traced &
threaded,  as folded
up in ear -whorl
and herd, past,         path
as stamped in blue and bright
-ness, wolfed to all that
is sharpened, sawn
and soaring, now

in these grains
of phrasing
and ink-stained
surfaces, as
hands, meshed
as moment-
ary, within their
monument of minutes,
as wide-

eyed, floored
among pauses,
wheelings stilled
as the ear’s
curiosity, stalled
as the second

as recognizable, in
that grandiose
misfire, a declared
intent im-
passed, im-  
-pressed, as

to the liquefying
sky’s swirling
viscosity in
window glass, as
reflected draft
and drifting,

dawning all in un-        
ered part-
  ed lip, teeth
and lit
   as carnivorous,

as poised un-certain
at the soft brink of
ing in to what [I cannot]
know [I
cannot see] where
r voiceforms fall 

as tone-scattered with- 
in a body’s blind
precision, as image
foldpacked far in reading,
as reaching for un-
seeing, all-
handed cuttings,
buddings in the day’s
calm airs,