'occurrences (for Kim)'

“What is beyond the book is still the book.”
- E. Jabes, ‘the book of margins’


recedes, drawing           back, as
   breath, the material      toward, as
       proffered, as

a smoke,            a transport, curling
     cochlear plume         forward,

the room              she spoke, un-
    spoke, its chance, 
within risk, a            bifold quiet :

midmorning /             mid-morning


echo, its shored         weight
-less in               laid this time
           of day            as feather, light
fallen from the       star the
           tidal, the                    out

side,         the gravity
whorl      of light
     in particular
                     rooms, gestural fall
as grave, warrants          us   
     each detail, each             as feather, this,

its prologue


it recedes, one day
the seam, from
its commentaries, as
the stars (or rather,

the photograph of them)
no longer
appear, folded (blank, gray)
at the window, to earth
as light doubles into

a radiant de-
ciphering, into
the last, which also re-
sembles their

as waves, into
the root of it, stone
of what is, of what has
been thought by,
a totality, placed
to the pupil

the moment
before language,
each pebble


massed, bird, as            window
        read by the night, will, flocked

             beyond for no              object, no
     judgement, but

as weight
as signature
as fall
as chance

it is rehearsal