'photogénie / in excess of the given image'

flicking through the day's book, those window threads
I hear strum in you

most softly. as the sea

beneath the city, as the radiatus'd hills scraping a carpeted tone
between landmark and insubstantiality,

this eye's anchor. and its slip

into your space as leaving pointing to a more unstable idea
of a door. don't forget

that sound is open. under whatever

car model you carry as exoskeletal. under keys, wallet, PIN
number. and closer in under

the tongue, its melodious hum

of surface genealogies, a numinous stillness wired under sparking
streetlamps, mysterious as mica,

as fossils, as rain.

the harbour's monument broken into multiples, into
the brittle uprising

of birds. the angles

themselves dispersed, distracted standpoints graphed
endlessly onto articulate

silence, the ear's

frozen apprehension of air shifts, channeling such unstable
knowledge, your speech

and how the light fragments

pale gold into windows replicating infinite sameness, this self-
knowing sharding beyond centre, beyond

all prescience.